Tour de Big Bear HC Gran Fondo is NOT your average Century and requires a substantial amount of training, especially if you are participating in the “competitive” category. Listed below are several events that can be used to assist in your Tour de Big Bear HC Gran Fondo high altitude training:

Belgian Waffle Ride - April 13 - 15, 2018

Belgian Waffle Ride
Belgian Waffle Ride - April 13 - 15, 2018

The Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR) attracts world-class cyclists from around the world. It has a cult following of fervent racers from cyclocross, road and mountain biking. As a result, it has become known as much for its difficulty, with all the glorious trappings of the Belgian Spring Classics — as it has for the celebratory atmosphere that pervades the event’s every funky facet.

Breathless Agony - April 28, 2018

Breathless Agony
Breathless Agony, Redlands, CA – April 28, 2018
Are you ready to test yourself on one of the toughest century rides in Southern California? If you can complete all 4 Passes with 114 Miles and 12,000 Feet of Climbing, you will qualify to purchase the special Breathless Agony Century Jersey shown here.