Big Bear Lake to Host Cylance Pro Cycling for Altitude Training Camp Ahead of Tour of the Gila

Big Bear Lake to Host Cylance Pro Cycling for Altitude Training Camp Ahead of Tour of the Gila

Photo: Jordan Clark Haggard

Cylance Pro Cycling is returning to the mountainous Southern California resort town of Big Bear Lake. The goal of the camp is to prepare at altitude with specific training prior to the Tour of the Gila.

Known for its high altitude conditions, the Tour of the Gila is the next stop on the UCI America’s Tour. By utilizing the incredible resources of Big Bear Lake, Cylance Pro Cycling plans to be as prepared as possible for one of the hardest races in the North American circuit.

According to the Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, athletes have long utilized altitude for training benefits. Higher altitude can decrease performance due to the fewer oxygen molecules per volume of air as compared to the air at sea level¹. By training at higher altitudes, the body produces more red blood cells to do the efforts in the hypoxic environment¹. Altitude training camps at specific times of year can be useful for elite athletes to acclimate for altitude races and to increase training adaptations¹.

Even though there are many altitude destinations around the world, Cylance Pro Cycling chooses Big Bear Lake because of its accessibility to Southern California, serenity for focused training, and bike friendly community. Cylance Pro Cycling is excited to return to Big Bear Lake to complete our final preparations for the Tour of the Gila, a stage race that takes place in the high altitude desert of New Mexico.

“Training in the thin air of Big Bear Lake is the best.” says Cylance Pro Cycling rider, Hunter Grove. “A variety of terrain, mild climate considering the elevation and the town has just enough to be content, yet little enough to where one can remained focused on the task at hand.”

Big Bear Lake touts itself as the Cycling Capital of Southern California, and after completing an intense training camp there, we could not agree more. The team was faced with challenging terrain and the scenic mountains. “Big Bear Lake is pleased to welcome Cylance Pro Cycling for a week of high altitude training,” added Craig Smith, President of Big Bear Cycling. “Recognized as the Cycling Capital of Southern California, Big Bear Lake is often home to professional cyclists training programs and offers the perfect mix of varied training routes in a high altitude setting”

Cylance Pro Cycling is also planning to attend the Tour de Big Bear HC, which takes place on August 5th, 2017. It will be a great way to join the community of cyclists on the mountain, and to escape the summer heat. Training at altitude can offer a multitude of benefits, and Cylance Pro Cycling is excited to give back to the communities that have contributed to our success.

A special thanks to Big Bear Vacations for connecting us with this active community that inspires us to enjoy the beauty of the area and give back to this special place. Follow the specific training of Cylance Pro Cycling at Big Bear Lake to #BringtheGreen and Live it. Up.

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1. Wilber, R. L. (2011). Application of altitude/hypoxic training by elite athletes. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 6(2 (Suppl.)), 271-286. doi:10.4100/jhse.2011.62.07

2016 Tour de Big Bear HC Wrap Up

The 2016 Tour de Big Bear inaugural HC ride was a great success with current pros, national and state champions, as well as former Olympians and a world championship medalist participating. Also many masters racers and enthusiasts came out for the vertical and distance challenge. A high caliber field for a high quality event.

We say high quality because that is much of the feedback we received. The pro peloton level of service with dedicated HC moto escort, CHP and Sheriff escort, HC SAG vehicles, SRAM Neutral Support car, bottle exchanges at HC express aid stations, on-road bottle feed from HC cars, and a great post finish HC VIP Lounge with free beers and yes of course, Recoverite were but a few of the highlights.

Podium prizes, HC KoM/QoM points, awards, and matching leader bibs for top male and female finishers were handed out. Those rare and hard earned HC bibs matched the custom designed Fast Freddie Apparel HC jersey and provided HC socks. A nice kit to be worn by a special few. When you see it out on the road know that HC rider deserves high praise.

2016 Final Results

Planning has begun for the 2017 Tour de Big Bear HC new course and even better benefits and ride support are in the works. Stay tuned and don’t keep us a secret.

Tour de Big Bear Organizing Committee